Friends of the Northwest Medical Center

Northwest Medical Center's Vision and Mission statements attest to our commitment of building teams and systems that work cohesively to provide the best healthcare opportunities to people in our area communities.  We believe it is important to form the networks and partnerships to grow and expand our services and programs.  These relationships help NMC continue with our goal to provide  the ultimate healthcare experience to each individual patient. 

These efforts take the help of many supporters and we want YOU to join our team!  There are many opportunities to get involved including volunteer service, community enhancement projects, charitable giving, and more.  Become a Friend of Northwest Medical Center and cease the opportunity for you to help advance our communities' access to healthcare.

Opportunities to participate include:

Join the Northwest Medical Center Association-With an annual donation of $10.00, becoming a member of the Northwest Medical Center Association provides you the opportunity to show your support for NMC and includes additional representative opportunities. 

Charitable Giving-For opportunities to donate to Northwest Medical Center, please call 660-726-3941.

Community Events-For opportunities to assist with community events, please call 660-726-3941.

Volunteer Service-For NMC volunteer opportunities, please call 660-726-3941.


"For a community to be whole and healthy it must be based on people's love and concern for each other ."          --Millard Fuller,  Habitat for Humanity